Sensitive Oil

1 oz / 30 ml

Soothing facial oil creates the ultimate spa treatment your skin craves. Potent antioxidants and omega fatty acids protect skin against the irritation of environmental aggressors. Rosehip and sea buckthorn oils infuse your skin with vitamins to  moisturize and reduce redness. Healing organic aromatic essences of neroli (orange flower), cypress, lavender, and juniper calms sensitive skin to deliver a more refined texture and even skin tone.

For all, dry and sensitive skin types, chafed from wind burn, cold climates, or high altitudes.

Spa-tested in our renowned Cornelia Spas

All natural and crafted in the USA


Why It Works

Sunflower Oil: An antioxidant that is rich in oleic acid that penetrates easily and deeply, replenishing lost moisture and preventing it from evaporating.

Laminaria Algae*: Enriches the skin with skin-healing minerals that are lost with age and with chlorophyll to detoxify the skin.

Tetrahexadecyl Ascorbate / Vitamin C Ester: The most potent form of vitamin C to stimulate collagen production and promote skin brightness.

Palmitoleic Acid: An anti-inflammatory rich in omega-7 (70%) and omega-3 fatty acids (30%); indicated for skin rashes & eczema.

Astaxanthin: A powerful antioxidant that is an anti-inflammatory and reduces redness.

Neroli & Bitter Orange: Calming and uplifting.

Lavender & Carrot Seed: Promote skin healing & anti-bacterial protection. Carrot seed oil also revitalizes the skin by detoxifying for a more freshly toned appearance.

* All algae are accredited vegan and sustainably harvested.

No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Sulfides

We only use Eco-Cert preservatives (50% of the line contain no preservatives at all!).

No Artificial Fragrance or Coloring

All products are scented with natural essential oils and their coloring comes from active ingredients only.

No Animal Testing

Our product testing is performed by independent labs on human volunteers.