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Your Skin Needs to Breath

Transport of skin’s uptake of oxygen reduced by 50% at age 40 leading to: dehydration, uneven skin tone, and advanced aging.
Adding O2 stimulates cell renewal & detoxification by ridding all traces of Carbon Dioxide.


Restores oxygen levels to speed up cellular metabolism


Transports active ingredients deep into the cellular matrix

Increases Volume

Increases skin volume by 15% upon application due to is unique water and oil phobic properties


US Army clinical trials found that liquid oxygen speeds up wound healing by 50%. Blood plasma substitutes in treating wounds.

Corrective Oxygenate Skin Care Products

Age Reversal Skin Serum

A rich gel anti-aging serum that promotes skin regeneration to smooth wrinkles, improve skin tone, and promote a youthful suppleness. Botanical Stem Cells offers one of the newest approaches to delaying aging and promoting cell renewal within 30 to 90 days. Tetrahexadecyl ascorbate, 50% more effective than ascorbic acid stimulates collagen, as Micronized Silver reduces inflammation.

Skin Energizing Oxygen Complex

Highly concentrated and extraordinarily light weight, refreshing serum. Instant age-defying booster visibly smooths expression lines up to 15%, brightens, firms and hydrates.
Super charged formulation of 50% potency of Purified Liquid Oxygen instantly boosts skin’s radiance from first application, remaining active for 11 days. Vitamin C esters build collagen. Hyaluronic Acid locks in moisture.

Skin Calming Complex

SEOA light gel texture. Repairs dry sensitive skin, reducing redness, and inflammation. Astaxanthin, a powerful algae-based antioxidant defends the skin’s DNA, rebuilding cellular strength to firm skin as its anti-inflammatory properties calm irritated skin.

Cornelia Signature Bath & Body and Home Ambiance

Works Skin Care Collection

Cornelia Tea & Honey Collection

Cornelia Signature Collection

What you will find in
Cornelia products?

  • Organic Marine Algae: Most balanced nutrient, contains all organic molecules needed for life.
  • Liquid Oxygen: Boosts metabolic rate firming, skin, minimize fine lines and reducing inflammation.
  • Power Antioxidants: Defends against environmental aggressors and Free Radical Scavengers.
  • DNA Repairing Enzymes: Algae enzymes repair damaged cells within 4 hours of topical application, rebuilding skin density, firming and adding fullness.
  • Bio-Tech Peptides: Regulate cell metabolism, stimulating cellular turnover and growth.
  • Purified Seawater: Virtually identical to human blood plasma for superior penetration of actives.
  • Natural Preservatives: Radish Root Ferment, Lactobacillus Probiotics, Micronized Silver.


What you will not find in Cornelia products?

  • No Animal Testing: All testing done by independent labs on human volunteers
  • No Mineral Oils: Only the finest botanicals
  • No Parabens-No Formalin: Only Eco-Cert preservatives used. 50% of the line contain no preservatives at all. Certified Vegan Accreditation awarded in UK and EU.
  • No Sulfates No Sulfides: No sodium laurel sulfate, sulfides or related chemicals
  • No Artificial Fragrance: all products are scented with natural essential oils
  • No Animal Product: 100% marine & botanical line
  • No Artificial Coloring: Natural coloring due to active ingredients only

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