Spa Locations

Cornelia Day Resort

Launching in 2005 on prestigious Fifth Avenue in New York City, Cornelia Day Resort became known as the ultimate spa in the nation. Cornelia has the following un-heard of achievements:

In only 4 years, from 2005-2008, Cornelia Day Resort grew from sales in the first year of operating of $1 million to sales in 2008 over $10.6 million.

Cornelia has over 800 placements in the media in only 4 years and another 200 in the first 2 years after the opening in 2012 of Cornelia Spa at the Surrey, with another 100 placements at the Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach. 

Cornelia Spa at the Surrey Hotel - NYC

Cornelia and the world-renowned Surrey Hotel, two brands that define opulence and elegance, partnered to offfer an unsurpassed and enviable spa experience in New York City. Cornelia and The Surrey are perfectly paired to create a timeless and stylish culture that sets us apart.


Eau Spa at Eau Hotel Resort & Spa

Cornelia Products and Services have been features at Eau Spa at Eau Hotel Resort & Spa in Palm Beach, Florida.