Rick Aidekman on choosing spas and skin care

Rick Aidekman and Ellen Sackoff discuss your favorite spa.

Rick Aidekman has been in the spa industry for over 15 years.    As such Rick Aidekman and Ellen Sackoff have learned many things about our clients and their desires.   What has surprised us is that convenience is a big factor and not one that we believe should be determinative of the spa you choose.    When you have been going to one spa consistently for some period of time, it is highly recommended that you do some research on alternatives.   Convenience and being just plain easy, is not near the top of the list.    We all get comfortable, or even lazy, in many things we do in life.   It took me years to try Diet Pepsi, after drinking Tab (a Coke brand that I am not sure is still around) for years.    When I couldn’t get Tab, I tried Diet Pepsi (partly because a relative worked for Pepsi).   I haven’t looked back, although perhaps I could try others.

Even if you are happy with your current spa, you don’t know what the world has in store for you.   I remember a friend in grammar school who wanted me to play a new board game and I said I don’t know that I will like it.   He retorted that how did I know I liked chocolate cake until I tried it.      Before you start to consider other spas, consider what you like about your current preference.    Putting convenience aside, jot down some of the positive attributes; like the following:

How do they treat me?   With respect, or as just more income for them.   Do they recognize your loyalty and consider you as a friend might (won’t say family member, because that doesn’t always turn out right.)    Do they go out of their way to accommodate you in appointments and service providers you prefer;

Are the treatments consistent, and do they actually make you feel and look better.    Do they offer you new options, or just repeat the same over and over.

Even though you like your service provider, have you tried anyone else for comparison?   Don’t be uncomfortable about asking to try someone else.   Perhaps you can choose a new treatment and ask the manager, who is really tops at that treatment;

Is there a wide range of services offered, or, is it the same menu that they had the first time you visited.    New treatments and concepts are evolving every day;

Keep thinking about how you look and feel.   Are you looking better, do you like their products, are they pleasant to use? are they showing improvement?

Talk to your friends about where they go and what they think.   The internet is full of opinions that aren’t necessarily valid, as people with complaints normally dominate opinion sites.

Don’t select a spa because of its snacks, but the service is critical.   If you arrive as a guest and leave as a friend and talk to friends as an ambassador of the spa, then you know you have the right one.

As a final statement in this article, I am not suggesting you travel hours to get to a better spa, but widen your area of consideration.     Your objective is to look good, feel good and be treated well.

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