History of Rick Aidekman and Ellen Sackoff’s creation of the Cornelia Brand

  • History of Rick Aidekman and Ellen Sackoff’s creation of the Cornelia Brand

This is the first in a series about Rick Aidekman and the Cornelia brand created with his wife Ellen Sackoff

The following was in Vanity Fair in 2005.

New York City’s Best Day Spas,  vanityfair.com

Picture a Fifth Avenue spa in your mind, and chances are that you’re imagining Cornelia Day Resort. Nestled eight floors above New York City’s famous shopping strip, the spa is everything that Fifth Avenue stands for: indulgence, luxury, and refinement. Upon stashing your stuff in a white locker (complete with a safe) in the plush changing room and slipping into a white robe, you’re escorted to a room where a sign on the wall asks you to “embrace the silence.” If you are a New Yorker, the idea of quiet time probably stresses you out, but after curling up on an oversize chaise underneath a warm brown blanket, the outside world will slowly fade away and you’ll find yourself starting to relax. Once you are in a calm state of mind, you are taken to a dimly lit treatment room with upscale touches (such as a bed with a foot soak) and customized comfort (you are encouraged to change the music or room temperature to your liking). Cornelia’s facials are sublime. Try the Four Handed Facial—one aesthetician tends to your pores, slathering on Cornelia’s signature potions specific to your skin type, while another massages your limbs with warm stones and gives your hands and feet a paraffin-wax treatment. Take your time after your appointment—head to the roof garden for a nap or a manicure and pedicure—because once you leave this island of relaxation, it’s back to the real world of Manhattan island. 663 Fifth Avenue, 8th floor.

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