WORKS: Introductory Beauty Collection




Our most popular skin-loving products transform winter skin into a radiant spring glow!

Ultra-Hydrating Reparative Oil
pairs a luxurious nourishing texture with a supercharged formulation to revive luminous skin as you sleep. Awake to softer, more supple, smoother skin. Organic essential oils of geranium, lavender and chamomile deeply hydrate as liquid oxygen and enriched marine botanicals smooth lines and wrinkles. Beauty sleep never looked so good! Retail $120

Skin Energizing Oxygen Complex
is the ultimate age-defying boost. The supercharged formulation of 50 %
liquid oxygen plumps the skin by 15% as rich botanical antioxidants, and advanced marine complexes restore luminosity, instantly brightening and firming the skin. Lightweight and refreshing, use this ‘skin-priming energizer’ under all your serums and moisturizers to ‘boost’ their performance. Retail $180

Luminous Eye Complex
de-ages eyes by visibly brightening and smoothing the delicate under eye skin. Potent marine lighteners naturally brighten as soy and bran peptides reduce dark circles. Enhanced marine extracts erase the appearance of fine lines. Retail $115

Botanical Balancing Cleanser
A unique formulation that purifies, lightly exfoliates and hydrates. Soothing organic essential oils, and advanced vitamin complexes replenish moisture to soften skin. A light fruit-acid complex gently buffs away dead skin, smoothing and brightening. With daily use, this triple-acting cleanser revives luminous looking skin. Retail $40


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