Age Interruption Hydrating Crème- Contains Purified Liquid Oxygen


Deeply moisturizes, diminishes wrinkles, and firms. Within two hours of application, this high performance moisturizer begins to repair skin at a cellular level providing continuous moisture replenishment and restoring elasticity. Collagen-building minerals smooth skin’s texture & Solar Photo Spheres protect cells from environmental damage. Awakens stressed, tired skin making it look more vibrant and supple.

Key Ingredients and Benefits:   Includes Laminaria Seaweed extracts, hexapeptides, marine peptides and anti Key Ingredients and Benefits:   Includes Laminaria Seaweed extracts, hexapeptides, marine peptides and  oxidants restore nutrients and make skin look firmer and fuller. Marine Repair Cream helps turn back the clock on aging skin for noticeable wrinkle reduction.


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