Pat Your Face Silly!! How you apply your skin care can make all the difference!

Wondering what butterflies have to do with skin care? No it’s not a new ingredient. It’s about a Korean technique that improves the absorption and effectiveness of your products. You can be using the best products ever created but if you’re not applying properly… they just lay on top of your skin. This patting/tapping method or the ‘pat pat’ method of applying products isn’t a quirk. The act of patting helps the skin better absorb certain types of products, especially moisturizers and cremes. I’ve had the good fortune of experiencing this technique with some exceptional Eastern European aestheticians whose fingertips literally dance all over your face. How to do the technique: Using your fingertips, imagine tapping- patting your product into your skin like using your fingers to play the piano on your face.

Or, like your fingertips are fluttering on your skin….like the wings of a butterfly. It’s such a pretty image to keep in mind as you apply you your products







Pat with fingertips and press with full palm to penetrate your products into your skin.  This technique also increases blood flow circulation to the skin enhancing skin tone and leaving your skin with a healthy, natural glow.

I have read that there is a ceramic device that automatically pats product into the skin and allows for 90% absorption vs. 20% when done with fingertips. More research required here and I will come back with added details. I’m very curious! *I am also looking for a good video of this technique, to share with you. By the way, I don’t subscribe to the skin slapping technique….that some NY newspapers liked to hype. Remember your skin is delicate so think butterflies and go ahead and pat your face silly♡

And here is additional information by one of the best medical aestheticians Lacey Gogarty who I met on Instagram…”I always use tappotment within my massages for facials. For sure helps to push product in deeper but enhances circulation and stimulation of blood flow. Oxygenated blood is what creates vibrant healthy skin!”

With Love, Ellen

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