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In Skin Care, Fragrance Has a Hidden Force.
Scents may be invisible but they should not be underrated. Scents can be a focal point of our well-being. They can alter your mood, boost your health, attract (or distract) others, and create memories that last a lifetime. Recently a Cornelia Client emailed me a touching experience with her grandson related to the scent of our Signature products. She was kind enough to allow me to share…

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“Hi Ellen, I just wanted to pass a great compliment of your products that came from my 5 year old grandson who loves to snuggle with me, even in a hot afternoon sun at the Mets game. He recently told my other grandchildren that he loves how I smell:)”
Yours, Vasana
The scent Vasana‟s grandson smelled is a combination of CITRUS, MUSK and SANDALWOOD, the “Signature‟ scent we created for our Cornelia bath & body products. We selected these three essences based on their healing benefits, and their subtle, engaging fragrance when blended together, which is perfectly balanced to appeal to both sexes. However, it never occurred to us that we would have a hand in creating new memories…the greatest compliment of all.
“Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it.” Vladimir Nabokov
From now on, whenever Vasana‟s grandson smells a scent with musk, sandal-wood or citrus the memory of how he felt cuddling with his grandma will always be revisited.

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