Cornelia Talks Skin Care: What You Need -Why You Need It – What Does It Do for your skin

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  • Cornelia Talks Skin Care: What You Need -Why You Need It – What Does It Do for your skin

Cornelia Talks Skin Care:   What you need-Why you need it – What Does it do for your skin

This article is the first in a series that is designed to provide our Cornelia friends with current information on the care of your precious skin.   We are reactivating this series to give you the latest and most useful information.   We will keep it going and would like to hear from you with comments, ideas and information you would like to hear.   We thank you for your connection to us at Cornelia.

Keep in mind that it’s not only your face that needs constant care, but your entire body, arms, hands, legs, your full body.    There are different  needs for different parts of your body.    We will get into this in future discussions.   Also, don’t let your age fool you.   Your skin changes over time, as the world outside and your personal habits and personal care all impact on how you look and ultimately how you feel.   Note, that it is never too late and never too early to do what’s best for your beloved skin.

In this first article, we will discuss the importance of ingredients in the products you choose and use.  Further discussions will include information on the basics of taking care of your skin, what you can do at home, what do you need in a product, how do you know that your skin care regimen is working for you. 

To deliver real results your skin care products must have effective ingredients.   Sounds obvious but not always delivered.   In a later discussion, we will talk about those products with the one ingredient “wonder” ingredient.    It’s like the one person who will solve all the world’s problems from famine to disease.   Ain’t gonna happen.

When deciding which skin care products that you will choose for your own skin, start by considering the ingredients.   You don’t need to be a research chemist, just a curious and determined individual.   Many top skin care manufacturers pride themselves in the ingredients and formulations that they use.    Again, be careful, once again, when you determine an ingredient that you believe will be helpful for your skin, check the concentration in the product.   Many companies will put a sneeze worth of an ingredient in their product, so they can boast that it’s in the bottle.   Would you buy a bottled water that said on it’s label that it includes water and then you see that it’s ingredients state that it contains 1% actual water?   Not for me.   At Cornelia, like many of the top-rated skin care brands, we are committed to formulating our products with the purest and most efficacious ingredients. As an example, this means that all the algae’s we use in our skin care are grown in an environment that delivers potent plants. Our algae are growing in live waters off the coast of Brittany where the strong natural flow of the cold waters yields sea plants with a tremendously strong life force.    Too cold for swimming, but great for algae. 

Our algae’s have been awarded by the EU for their purity and potency. As such, the peptides, like Hexapeptide 11, antioxidants and fatty acids, moisturizing agents, and minerals, vitamins and trace elements that we extract from our sustainably grown algae are power-enhanced and deliver real, enviable results.    Again, in a future article, we will discuss ways in which you can learn about the qualities and amount of key ingredients are in various products.

When looking at the ingredients in your skin care products, make sure that the actives claimed to be delivering benefits are high up front in the product ingredient list.   I’m sure you all know that ingredients are required by law to be listed by percent of the total ingredients.   Thus, if listed first, it is the ingredient that has the largest single component of the total product    Keep in mind, for an ingredient to be effective, it doesn’t need to be 100% of the total ingredients.   With many ingredients, even a small percentage is highly effective.   Again, this will be in future discussions.

To get started in our ingredient discussion, we will discuss the natural occurring patterns in nature that are as astonishing and beautiful as they are surprising.  Sort of like us.  When looking at complex sugar molecules which are ingredients in all Cornelia Works moisturizers and many of our serums. Are you wondering what sugar has to do with skin care?   Here is the story…These sugar molecules, technically known as Mucopolysaccharides, are an excellent moisturizing agent. This ingredient includes Hyaluronic Acid, the much beloved active that holds 1000 times its weight in water.   

Article 2 to follow

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