The Best Skin Care Vitamin

BREAKTHROUGH IN VITAMIN C When we walk into a health food store or Vitamin Shop we can be overwhelmed by the choices of Vitamin C products. It is such a popular ingredient due to the plentiful benefits of vitamin c. But, did you know that there is a breakthrough in the most effective Vitamin C for skincare? FIND THE VITAMIN C THAT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE Look for Vitamin C Ester in your skincare product ingredients. The power of Vitamin C Esters as its solubility. Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid is only water-soluble which limits its ability to perform over time. Vitamin C Ascorbic is a great ingredient in a masque mixed with water. The potency of Vitamin C doesn’t have time to degrade since the masque is used immediately. However, this is not so true for a serum. Look for the oil-soluble form of Vitamin C in your serums, which is an Ester. VITAMIN C ESTER IS THE ROYALTY OF THE ‘C’ FAMILY Vitamin C Ester is the most effective form of Vitamin C because it is the most stable form of Vitamin C which means it does not break down and lose its potency. We typically think of Vitamin C as skin brightening…well the right kind of C is skin brightening and firming! This long-lasting form of Vitamin C can be found in products like Dr. Ceuracle Royal Vita Propolis 33 Ampoule and is responsible for stimulating cells to build collagen and elastin. This breakthrough form of C restores a smooth skin surface and combats skin aging. Vitamin C Ester has another benefit, is non-acidic meaning unlike regular Vitamin C, it will not irritate your skin. Vitamin C Ester may be referred to as TETRAHEXADECYL ASCORBATE on your skincare ingredients list. Look for this technical name when checking out your skincare product ingredients., I think we can call Vitamin C Ester the ‘royalty’ of the C family and maybe the perfect skin vitamin. Those looking to improve their skincare regime may also want to keep in mind products like those from Quantum Health – take a look here to find everything from supplements to creams. We’ll be launching our DAILY C, Vitamin C Ester serum from Cornelia Works before the holidays. Keep you posted.

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