Algae is the New Super Power of Skin Care

Algae is the New Super Power Age-defying Ingredient


Laminaria Digitata – also known as Kelp

Laminaria Digitata Algea …is a superpower of the skin care. But so unassuming to the eye. You might recall seeing this brown algae swept up onto the beach.


Every Cornelia product includes Laminaria Algae. So What Do We Love About This sea plant? What makes this family of brown algaes so important for skin care? Laminaria algaes are one of the richest sources on the planet for trace elements, and minerals. The extracts from these elements are critical for building and rebuilding the density of your skin…that is the firmness, elasticity and suppleness that keeps your skin looking healthy and youthful. These include elements such as: Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Selemium, and Silica. An important reason for using Marine Nutrient Skin Care is because it replenishes these minerals and trace elements that become depleted as you age.  And, your body does not remake these essential elements on its own.  Using skin care products with algae extracts will feed and nourish your skin.

These same ingredients algae extracts are multi-taskers also adding much need hydration to the skin to soften and smooth. Dry skin is the first cause of wrinkles and fine lines.  Studies demonstrate that use of Laminaria topically firms the skin. An added bonus, Cornelia algea is certified Vegan in the EU and UK and sustainably harvested in icy waters off the coast of Brittany where the cold temperature and constant movement of the waters maintains the life force of these plants.  This means that the extracts of trace elements and minerals extracted from our algaes are extremely potent in their power to heal, nourish, and regenerate a youthful complexion. So the next time you’re strolling the beach and see brown algae, remember that your looking at one of the super power ingredients of age-defying skin care♡

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